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Evernote on a 13" and 15" MacBook





I can't tell if this is user error, and I apologize in advance if this was already discussed and I simply missed it in my search.


I have, for some time, used Evernote on a 13" MacBook (running Maverics). For work I also recently got a 15" MacBook running Yosemite. Almost all of my Evernote notes extensively use tables, and I always do them to 90% width (back when Evernote allowed that). 


When I opened Evernote for the first time on my new 15", all the tables appeared narrow, and then the program resized them. Now when I open that note on my 13", I have to scroll to the right to see the whole thing. I won't, now, open any other notes on the 15" for fear of contaminating them too. 


It seems like the problem is actually beyond tables, and is more broadly that the 15" makes the notes too wide for the 13". Is it possible to fix this problem?


Thanks in advance

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