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Smartphone lost

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I have cheeked FAQ and Forums but... Incredible I don’t find a guide on how to manage when I lose my android phone having Evernote app installed. In that case I need to disconnect the device from the database and erase all evernote content locally. Can I manage remotely?

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There is no way to remotely wipe Evernote data from your Android device. Evernote does not provide such an option. You'd have to see if the Android OS you have installed supports it, and you had it enabled at the time you lost the device. 


You can, however, revoke that client's access to your Evernote account. Log into www.evernote.com and go to Account Settings (or "Settings" if in Web Beta). Click on Applications in the left side bar. Locate your phone in the list of devices and hit "revoke all". 


Now, the results of this should mean that the thief will be required to enter a username and password on the device next time it tries to sync Evernote. Any Evernote data that was stored on the device (normally this only includes headers) could theoretically still be accessible, at least for a short period of time until the user fails to enter proper Evernote credentials. 


Ideally you had your phone passcode protected, and ideally Android offers some degree of remote control that allows you to lock or wipe the device. If not, you'll have to rely on the limited remote control that Evernote offers. 

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