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How to install the Safari Clipper on iPad

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I'm trying to install Evernote Web Clipper for Safari in my Ipad 4 (iOS 8.1.1) from evernote.com. And when I click in the link, it appears a message asking where to open the Evernote.6.2.4.safariextz thing (3,1 MB). But the only options are to open it in AirDrop, Dropbox, or Evernote. I think it should be a problem of my poor configuration of the device, but don't know what to do...


Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm new in this apple stuff and in this configurations. Don't be cruel...


Thanks in advance,



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I don't agree with that. With the share button you can only copy the entire webpage (in the case of Safari) to evernote. With the evernote extension of Firefox on Mac, a very useful simplified web page can be copied to evernote: the evernote application for ipad + share button does not.

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Extensions need to be adapted to work on the iPad. There are not many available yet, just look into the AppStore. Sure it would be a good additional option to get the real WebClipper.

You can ask EN support about it, or send your idea through the feedback function.

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2 hours ago, carnbot said:

Why hasn’t Evernote released a full iOS web clipper?

If they created an iOS web clipper for Safari, they would need to create one for Chrome and Firefox and then the same to run on Android. I suspect that there are many other issues on the table to be addressed before that gets attention🤔

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Probably yes - although on iPad all browsers are based on the Apple WebKit browser engine, not on their own. This is due to iOS that only allows WebKit technology. So a clipper extension would probably use the same code base.

Up to now AFAIK there is no full Firefox browser available for the platform, and Chrome is just launching.

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