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Evernote on Linux via Wine

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I use Evernote on Ubuntu via Wine. It works great, no problems.


My problem is the latest updade that doesn't work. No problem I said, I'll go to the site and download it from their. When I click the download button the site tells me that Evernote is'nt available for Linux so I will have to use the web browser option. But I don't want to  use the web browser, I like the idea of having my notes on my computer and see them anytime without using the browser or having a conection. 


Anyone else having the same problem? Anyone have a solution?

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Thanks for the help. I didn't use you're method (came up with another workaround since I couldn't make agent switcher to work before), I went to www.evernote.com using Firefox Portable (running on Wine) and downloaded the installer from their. 


Downloaded, installed and works fine, I actually think this version looks better on Wine than the last one. But I still think Evernote should allow the download to Linux distributions. 

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