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Monthly Usage Discrepancies

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On an iMac running OS X Mavericks, I recently had to delete and reinstall EN because otherwise it always hung on startup. Also, this past Monday was the last day of my usage cycle, with the limit resetting that day. But the newly installed version of EN is not reporting my monthly usage correctly.


The OS X EN app says I've used 33.2 MB of 60 MB, and the allowance will reset in 28 days. But if I use the web version, EN says I have 58.2 MB remaining, which will reset in 28 days. The EN app on my iPad says "Current Monthly Usage: 42.3 MB" (I don't see a notice about when the limits will reset), while the Android EN app on my Nexus 4 says "23 MB of 60 MB" are used with "0 days left in usage cycle."


Since Monday everything I've put into EN has been through email. Since Monday, I've sent 72 messages. The largest was 80.9 KB, but most have been around 5 KB. (Only 27 messages were double-digit in size.) But even 81 KB x 72 < 6 MB. So how am I getting usages of 33.2 MB, 42.3 MB, and 23.0 MB?


Stranger still, why do four different implementations of EN report four different values for my usage?



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