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What's wrong with sharing?

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I have some notebooks shared with my wife.

One of this notebooks is no longer visible at my wife's windows Evernote.

Why is that?


We tried to re-install (ha ha, always the first solution from support) EN. I took away the share and gave new permissions.

All to no avail.


Also the sharing dialog looks strange. I can 'publish' but not 'share'...


So, what's wrong with sharing?

And why does EN introduce new features (chat) when the existing features are not even working?




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Yep... Evernote has done a lot of rewiring to the recent Windows update (if that's what you've got). It used to be that when you right clicked on a notebook and chose "Share notebook" from the context menu, you'd get a nice little popup menu to either publish (public notebook) or share via email...


Now, the public notebook option is still there (publish button)... but now it seems that the only way to share something privately would be through Work Chat. This would mean that the person you wanted to share a notebook with would have to have an Evernote account.


Previously, someone would also have had to have an Evernote account to join a notebook, whether "public" or "shared". The shared notebook via email would also have had other options, such as edit, edit and invite and view only. It seems like the same now in Work Chat. I'm not really sure whether the dynamic really changes much here - so that Work Chat is just the vehicle through which to do the sharing and if we wanted we could leave the rest out. I'm still trying yo figure things out. It does seem forced, though. 

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I have Evernote v6.0.  (451092 App Store)


I just went looking for instructions on how to share a Notebook and how to manage permissions on a Notebook.   These are operations that I have performed frequently in the past as I use dozens of notebooks to share ideas with people at work.  However, in v6.0 the previously easy-to-find menu items and/or icons have either vanished, or been hidden, or been renamed.   Bottom line, I cannot find an obvious way to do now what I easily did in the past.


I looked in the Help system.   The instructions in there are now blatantly incorrect.  These instructions refer to menu items which do not exist in this version of software.


It appears that the onset of Evernote v6.0 has forced significant changes to behaviour without adequate warning to existing (paying!) customers, without updated documentation  to support it and, without migration guides to assist existing customers on how to live with the changes in behaviour.

I have been a paying customer of Evernote for about 2 years.   Until now, I have been an advocate of Evernote.  I have recommended Evernote to work colleagues and to numerous friends.  Because of me, my team at work uses it extensively for day-to-day business.


The abruptness and poor execution of the changes made as of version 6.0 of Evernote violates "the principle of least astonishment."   It has impacted usability of the service by me.   It has broken my trust that my use of Evernote will continue to enhance my productivity instead of slowing me down.   This event will cause me to stop recommending Evernote until the issues described here are addressed to my satisfaction.


A public statement from Evernote the company, which acknowledges that the root-causes for these issues are understood, would go a long way to restoring my trust in the service and my ability to recommend once more it in good conscience.

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Thanks for the info. We are unable to share notebooks at the moment because sending them via Workchat isn't working. Tried sending links to colleagues via both the web app and desktop version for Windows, but they click the link and nothing happens. One of them was able to see the title of the notebook, but no notes inside.


Is there a setting that I need to update in my account? Is there an alternative method to Workchat for sharing notebooks?


Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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We are new to Evernote/Premium. I have created several notebooks and have shared (with the view and edit option0 with two employees. Presently, they are unable to move notes to another notebook and they cannot add a tag (even though I have created tag and you can see it in their tag library. Next, today, one of them created a note which has synced to my computer but i am unable to add a comment or add a pdf. 


The syncing between computer, phone and ipad has been great but hoping the forum can let me know how to iron out the above issues.


Thanks in advance!

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