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Why can't search apply to Trash Notebook?



OSX 10.9.5 Evernote 6


I recently came across several sync issues and the error messages simply provided the titles of the notes with sync errors. Unfortunately, searching for those notes didn't work because they were, you guessed it, in the Trash Notebook. It would be nice if there was an option to search the Trash Notebook as well as all other notebooks in situations where it is needed. After all the notes are still in Evernote and I see no reason not to search them as well. Users amy find deleted notes with valuable information and they restore the notes as needed.


Another solution could be to always search the Trash Notebook and simply use a style (like a red border, a "Deleted" watermark, etc) to indicate that this note is currently in the Trash Notebook.


Had this feature been in place I would have saved a few hours this week. Time is money and I just lost about $300 because: a) the error message didn't indicate notes were deleted and B) I was unable to search the Trash Notebook. 


After speaking with a few colleagues, they didn't even know there was a Trash Notebook :)

I hope this will help someone.

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1 hour ago, zivkakkoii said:

And this situation exists still now. 

I met this problem too. 

Listen, developers!!!

Did you up-vote the request (voting buttons in the upper left corner of the request)
The current vote count is Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.06.56 AM.png

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4 minutes ago, dixonbruce said:

moving to MacOs notes/Finder

As backup, I maintain an html export of my notes in Mac OS, accessed by Finder.

The export takes less than 30 minutes for 12GB.

Its functional but I prefer the featureset offered by the Evernote services.

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Searching the trash, this is a good point and one that has been discussed here before and requested for more than one year but it seems Evernote is one of those companies that do not listen to their customers. I have been in the same situation as many others have.

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Whew - glad to see I'm not the only one.   This is especially important as I've found the key it's waaaaaaay too easy to delete stuff by accident just by hitting the delete key.   I don't even bother emptying the trash anymore in fear I might delete something permanently.


The issue is compounded by merging notes putting notes in the trash.


And compounded further by an implementation where if you move notes back and forth between personal and business notes, it becomes clutter city (not to mention lots of broken note links, i wont' get into here)


I agree the most straight forward solution is to extend the search grammar with "notebook:Trash"



Put in my vote!

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I am pissed this only has three replies. Yeah man again this is basic stuff. Even when you search gmail it says there files that match your search.

I think i need to be a UX guy and for get about web app develeopment.


Gang let this be a consolation. Im going to try and not use Trash anymore and just put all my notes in a notebook so it could be search. Its a hacky workaround but its all we 

can do at the moment. I hope this helps the previous posters.

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I'm hindered by so many shortcomings of Evernote nowadays and despite voting and tweeting about them, very little has happened in the way of evolution.

I recall Evernote being absolutely outstanding WAY back in 2008 when they begun.

Searching a trash folder should at the very least be a web function.


We released major updates to our clients; blasted past 300,000 users; and were featured in CNET, Forbes, Attack of the Show, Lifehacker, and more. Read on for 38 great ways to use Evernote

For fun I just searched for all emails from the domain evernote.com and I found my very first invite mail in 2008 for my first account blazing about search features and prioritized OCR document recognition etc, the ability to search contents of files and "even words in images" they bragged. 

It's saddening to see a thread like this, completely stagnent.

I'm sorely tempted to start working on a campaign to stir up Evernote's attention as truly, they raved about the features available in the product, one of which was searching all folders including trash. One dated 2012-12-25 ranted about how they won an award for being so innovative and ever since; the product feels stagnated by any of todays 'search' standards. 



Evernote won the Mashable Open Award for Best Mobile Application in both People's Choice and Blogger's Choice competitions. Over 90,000 people voted! Thanks for your support.


A very frustrated Evernote long timer here wondering where all the pro subscription money is going.

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I'm sorely tempted to start working on a campaign


Please do. Try and point out to some tech sites that Evernote knowingly introduce bugs to GA just because they are working to some artificial deadline. Point out some of the threads on this forum where longtime users are utterly fed up with this. They are so keen to release new features that they don't care if they break/remove old ones.

If I weren't so invested in Evernote I would have left ages ago and I so fed up I am considering spending part of my Easter holiday moving to MacOs notes/Finder, which to give some perspective would mean spending less time with my children and I REALLY do not want to do this.

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