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how to add personal memo to a shared note?

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How to add personal memo to a shared note?


I don't want others see the memo, but the note is opened to my team.



All I can do is copy the same note into my personal notebook?!  I don't want to make duplicates.


Or, if I link a personal note to the shared one, can others see the personal note?




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Your best bet, as you already mentioned, would be to create a note link in the shared note (visible to all) to the note/ memo that is for your eyes only (in a personal notebook). If you've shared a note with ell members of your team, even if they see the note links, they will not have access to the note linked to. Just make sure that link is not a public note link. Just an internal one for your own purposes.


Sharing a note, you have various options, including view only and also editing permissions. In that sense, each team member could add their own private note links, which would access other private notes/ memos (in their personal notebooks), in exactly the same way you would. Something like: @Cammie (i.e. you can create a hyperlink and embed any private note link therein). You could also color code if you wish. You could differentiate between private and shared note links too. 


But... basically the document that one person sees is what all the others see. Everyone sees an identical note/ document. 


OR... you could include a password-protected document in the note itself. But that might clutter things up for others. 

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Dear Frank,


I tried the link function, and it works just like what you mentioned. Others see the hyperlink, but couldn't open it. Then I used the contrary way-- linking the shared note in my personal note. This is exactly what I need.


And "color code" is a cool idea. I really appreciate it.



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