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Notes Won't Open





Since the last update (I'm using it on a Mac V6.0 of the app) it looks lovely but when I try to open my notes it's either really slow or doesn't open them at all... It's really frustrating as I use Evernote to keep my ideas. I need to write them there fast when they come to me. I think by the time it lets me make this new note I will have forgotten my idea -_-


It also is changing the name of my titles randomly...


Please help.



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Ackkkk. Thanks for the heads up. Really disappointing since I love using the app on my Mac. Just logged in and wrote some notes in the web version to get them down at least. 


I had the same issue. You can still use the app on your mac. You just need to upgrade from the App Store version (6) to the one from Evernote (6.0.1). The link they gave me to download the app directly was https://evernote.com/download/.

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