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Evernote 6 won't sync properly



Mac 10.9.5 Evernote 6


I keep getting errors when trying to sync with the latest and greatest version of Evernote. Two of the issues I get are:

  • The content is invalid.
  • It has too many resources.

The problem is that the notes that are referenced don't exist so how can I correct this issue? All sync solutions that I have encountered won't work if the note can't be found either on my Mac or online.


Thank you in advance for your constructive responses.




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The above link provides suggestions that unfortunately didn't work in my case. The problem has to due with sync errors on notes that are in the TRASH folder! Unfortunately, the error messages don't specify that the notes in question are in the trash and since they are in the trash you can't do a search. It should be nice if the search features also looked in the trash or at least have an option to search the trash if the notes are there anyway. When displaying the results there are plenty of ways to style notes that are in the trash so the user clearly knows they've been trashed already. Once the notes were located by sorting the trash by title I was able to resolve the problem.

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