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Problem with two spaces changing to one in latest version



Historically, I've written my note titles like this:


Client Name  |  2014-11-25  |  Fred, Susan, Mary


There are two spaces on either side of the |


With the latest version, if I click on a prior note it removes one of those spaces so it looks like this:


Client Name | 2014-11-25 | Fred, Susan, Mary


It then updates the date of the note to today because of this change.  It then rearranges my notes, moving these old notes to the top.  I have hundreds of notes, and each time I look at an old note, it gives it today's date and moves it to the top of the list.  This is enormously problematic.


Am I just hosed?



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Yes, it's on the Mac, version 6.0.  It's turning into a significant problem.  It's not erasing the title, it simply removing the spaces:


Client Name  |  2014-11-25  |  Fred, Susan, Mary

Client Name | 2014-11-25 | Fred, Susan, Mary


This change updates the date of the note.  If I click on a note from last month, this automatic change updates the date to today.

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Just upgraded last week and ran into this.

Some bugs are annoying, some can be worked around - this for me is making Evernote unusable as I work a lot with fixed width fonts and terminal output, requiring that the formatting is retained to make the data readable.


I've logged a support ticket for this and hope they fix it real soon.

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