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Adonit stylus and EN Penultimate - functionality...


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OK, with out sounding like a broken record with regards to the application...


I chose to purchase the latest and greatest Adonit Jot Touch over the script - due to the utilization with adobe products (and others), as it is a better product (had a script).


Although I'm sure there is some relation to financial gain for EN when Adonit sells a script - I would hope they have intentions of at least testing and making sure the BOTH units work.  Today - the writing experience with the latest PenUltimate is horrible.  Perhaps that is a function of my abandonment of their "branded" stylus - but I doubt it.


There have been sooooo many posts regarding the performance (or lack there of) of the script - I assume EN is aware.


My concern is this...   I don't set a limit on the cost - and if it is necessary, I WILL purchase a separate stylus (script) for just Penultimate.  However - I would prefer EN has the foresight to publish the limitation of the more advanced stylus.


I have no problem spending the money.  For that matter - I've NO problem buying PenUltimate - if you can manage to provide a functional product.


Money is NOT the issue - but the way the adobe products work with the adonit jot touch vs. PenUltimate - not even close.


I do expect more from you EN, and I AM willing to pay for it.  So perhaps you might consider joining the ranks of application companies who are relied upon.  If you need a few bucks to do that - just provide the product and it will come.


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