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Evernote Off Line for Premium members

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I understand that if I needed to as a premium member review my notes or notebooks off line. When I go to the acct. settings and put in to look at a note off line it downloads the note say on my I phone. Once it does the download do I just go back into evernote and look up that note or notebook I want to review or do I go somewhere else on my I phone for the download of that file.


Thanks Ken

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Offline notebooks are the only way to guarantee that notes are available when you're offline (storage allowing). They are indeed a premium feature.


You can load individual notes when you're online, and they may be still available to you when you're offline, but there's no guarantee of that, so you may find yourself out of luck, and it will probably -- Murphy's law holding at all times -- be at an inconvenient time for you.

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