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Re-installed evernote, lost local files



Hello, I am looking for some help importing my local notes. I've been frustrated with the Yosemite build of evernote that I downloaded from the app store, and saw on here that the problem could be fixed by downloading from the website. I replaced my old version, signed into my account, and noticed that all of my local notebooks were gone. After searching my mac, I found the files hidden away on my HD. If I double click the file to open it in evernote, it asks me to switch to my own account to view the note, and then does nothing. If I try to import the notes, the files are greyed out in my finder. Is there any way to recover my local notebooks? Thanks.

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Most directions for a complete reinstall or transition to from the App Store to the Direct version will include the caveat that you MUST export your Local Notebooks before you delete your local database. 


The App Store and Direct versions actually store your database in different locations. If you still have your App Store version's database, I'd say remove the Direct version, install the app store version, export your local notebooks (as .enex files with Tags included), then start the process all over again. 

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