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Buying a new Macbook - What happens to my notes?



i am about to buy a new macbook. how is it gonna work with evernote. i mean, if i buy a new macbook, i off course want my notes from my old mac transported to the new macbook. does this happen automatically after loggin in on my new mac or what happens? I dont wanna loose my notes. 

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Make sure that all of your notes have sync'd to EN servers by logging onto your account using a web browser and checking that any recent notes are there.  Assuming everything is there, download the app to your new macbook and then login to your EN account using the same userid / password as your original macbook.  All of your notes should automatically sync down to your new computer.


If you have local notebooks (which are not sync'd to EN servers) on your original computer then there are a couple of additional steps.  On your original computer you will need to export any local notebooks and then these will need to be copied over to your new computer and then imported back into EN.

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