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Advanced PDF Annotating

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I have recently discovered Evernote for my Uni work and it is absolutely fantastic for notes and web clippings from Safari, the iOS 8 update was also a major improvement.

The one part of my work that I haven't been able to use Evernote for are PDFs. We get a 20+ page booklet that needs filling out as the semester progresses, but Evernote doesn't support filling out forms and the annotation features aren't exactly suitable for lots of typing.

It would be great to add text boxes to PDFs with selectable fonts, bold, italic, underline, bullet points, lists, tables and other formatting would be an immense improvement. Currently I have to use Adobe Acrobat or PDFExpert and store the PDFs on iCloud drive which is separate from the rest of my notes.


Thanks for any feedback!



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Evernote definitely needs to improve its PDF annotation. Its annotation summaries are a unique and fantastic feature, but the annotation options are really primitive. There's no text recognition for underlining and highlighting, so unless you have an incredibly steady hand, your annotations will look much messier than with any other PDF annotation program. And the text re-sizing options are terribly limited. And the line-drawing options are pretty terrible too -- With other apps, you can draw just like you would on paper, but on Evernote it's very inexact and clumsy. 

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