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Upgrade is unusable. Should I quit Evernote?



I have been a devoted Evernote user for years. I'm a writer, and everything I think and all my research goes into this program. Now I'm wondering if they have made the free version of the upgrade so awful on purpose to drive people into the paid version? I am beside myself, because I can see the contents of my notes in the cards view--so I know the content is still in there--but when I click on any of the cards, there is nothing but a blank rectangle stating the date. If I click on this thing a thousand times I am sometimes randomly flipped over to a screen that looks like a text editor, but my previously stored notes are NOT ACCESSIBLE and not visible at all.


I am considering upgrading to Premium just so I have someone who is responsible for helping me. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need to de-upgrade? If so, how can I go about getting the nice old green version back? Why have they killed Evernote?

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