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After update to new version notes will not appear except in sidebar



Since updating to the latest verison of Evernote all of my notes only appear in the sidebar. Clicking on the notes in the sidebar no longer opens the full note in the window. Is there some feature (bug) that prevents the note from opening?


Also, I noted that a few of my notes are now "untitled" where they had titles previously.


I have quit and restarted Evernote several times, but still have the same issues.


I have used the previous version of Evernote for over a  year with no problems. This is very frustrating!




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It sounds like you have upgraded to EN Mac 6.0, AppStore version.  This version has known bugs that cause the issues you are seeing.  Most likely all of your Notes are still there, just not being properly processed by Ver 6.0.


At this point, I would recommend that you do NOT use Ver 6.0 any more to avoid losing more of your Note Titles.


Your choices now are:

  1. Switch to Direct D/L Ver 6.0.2 which has fixed these bugs
    See Evernote Mac v6.0.2 Released
  2. Wait for an update to the AppStore version to be released, which is due any day now.
    You can use EN Web until the update.
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