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Auto importing notes and tags

AmyG Evernote Beginner


I'm looking at using Evernote as a CRM tool.....


I have a small membership type website that I get many emails from; membership signups, paypal payments, customer support emails etc.


I'm hoping to end up with a system that 'bundles' all these emails and data for each member in an easy to find / use place. A slight complication is that a member is an organisation so emails may come from a variety of email addresses and they will not necessarily even be the same domain making filing etc more complex. Ideally I'd also like to pull in extra data from the website. I was thinking of doing this with a custom cron job on my server that auto sends emails to Evernote with the data in, that way I can add the notebook/tags etc to the email.


I thought I had a good solution using Evernote and the ability to email into Evernote directly. I was hoping to redirect emails into Evernote tagged with the organisation name however I obviously don't know who will join when, to pre-create the tags. AFAIK Evernote will not create new tags via an email.


Is there ANY way I can automatically create a new tag based on an incoming note? There would always be an initial email that could be processed when an organisation joins for the first time.


Many Thanks,

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I'm looking at using Evernote as a CRM tool.....


Have you used any dedicated CRM tools?


I have, and I think you will find Evernote falls far short of any dedicated CRM tool, and you will be very frustrated trying to make Evernote work.  Evernote can be useful in support of a CRM tool in doing research, recording meeting notes, customer calls, etc.  But even then a good CRM tool will do all of that for you, and make it easy to keep everything related and linked.

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Thanks, I have been looking but many seem overkill for what I wanted, and the price quickly adds up! I'm not looking for any kind of pipeline, just a way to keep 'notes' about each user in one easy to use place which is why I thought Evenote might be a good fit, all I need to do is have a #tag for each user and save everything in a notebook. The only problem I have found is not being able to create tags automatically for new users. 


Hi.  Evernote can save your data,  but has no way to process or parse the different inputs.  You need a developer or some combination of IFTTT and Zapier.


I can customise the emails to fit, my sticking point is creating new tags, I couldn't see that option in IFTTT but I'll have a look at Zapier, Thanks,

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