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Evernote 6.0 - anyone else having issues?



My Evernote recently auto-upgraded to the new 6.0 version, which I thought was a good thing. 


However I can no longer access the content of any of my notes/notebooks. Like usual, Notes are displayed on the left hand-side when I open a Notebook - but when I click to open a Note, there is no content showing. 





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Same here.  Upgraded today and was notified that my notes would be migrated over and that search and sync would be faster.  However, it takes almost a minute to access any given note after clicking on it!  And formatting of my old notes is horrendous - lots of new whitespace added around checkboxes, etc.  Making Evernote totally unusable for me...

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I am experiencing this as well.  When I open Evernote, the notes are shown on the left.  Some are missing titles that I know I've added.  Then when I open a note, the content doesn't display - sometimes at all and sometimes after a delay AND then without the title.


What's going on?

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Same issue here after upgrading to 6.0 on MacOS. Additionally, notes automatically get renamed to 'untitled'.


Manual installation of 6.1 is said to solve the problem, but - @Evernote: this is an absolute NO-GO. Please do your QA homeworks before releasing a new version!!!

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According to a few posts in the forums,  updating to the latest version from Evernote.com directly is the answer to any problems from 6.0...


Another thing that seems to have worked for some - not all - with similar problems is to do a reboot. I know it shouldn't be needed theoretically, but it has apparently worked for a couple of posters on other threads.

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