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Emailing into Evernote

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They are supposed to go into your default Notebook unless you override with @notebookname in the subject of the email.  


Assuming that you aren't doing that and that you haven't changed your default notebook (check by right clicking on your default notebook and then properties to be sure it shows default), I would recommend a bug report.



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Hi All


When emailing into Evernote I find my emails ending up in a random Notebook instead of going into my 'Inbox'


Why is this and how do I ensure all emails going into Evernote go into one notebook?





If you have several notebooks, look for the one with the gray arrow to the left of the notebook, that is your default notebook. Mine is "Inbox." You can move the default setting to any notebook, just right click on a notebook, then go to properties and check the "make this my default notebook." All done!


David in Wichita

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