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MacOS Evernote update and no more decrypted notes!



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It's been reported already in the forums - seems to be a bug,  so report it via the support link below if you need to.  Meantime there is a suggested workaround -


1. decrypt the file in the windows client and took a copy of the file and saved it outside of evernote (just in case)

2. saved and sync'd in evernote

3. started up mac client

4. encrypted problem text (which was permanently decrypted in step 1)

5. saved and sync'd

6. quit and restarted mac evernote client

After this I found I could view the file again without problem.

So perhaps if you decrypt the file permanently even via the web version of evernote - then do the re-encryption again via the client - it looks like it should be ok BUT please make sure you make a manual copy outside of evernote of anything really important before you try anything.

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Hello gazumped,


I tried using the web interface but it seems there is no way.


When I click on the button to unlock, it selects the lock and proposes to changing formatting instead of proposing to decrypt the note.


p.s: I accepted to use the new web interface when asked.



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Exact same problem here. 


When using the latest Evernote client (version 6.0.3) on MacOS (10.10.1) all I get after successful decryption are 4 empty lines.


On the web interface I can decrypt, but not edit. Attempting to edit an encrypted note after decryption results in EN/Web reverting the note back to the unencrypted state.


This needs urgent fixing. Not everyone has a Windows client to turn to!

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