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Synchronization failed could not connect to Evernote Service

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Hi, I'm new here but have been through the relevant Knowledge Base articles before asking the community as nothing has helped.

My desktop app (Windows Vista) has been unable to connect to the Evernote service for about a month now. I just get the "Synchronization failed could not connect to Evernote Service" error message. My Android and laptop (also Windows Vista) have no problems syncing. 

If anyone can assist that would be great! Thanks.

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Evernote made some changes to improve security that may affect you.  
Details here https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/101867943  (there were also emails)

One important thing to do,  whether or not you use Internet Explorer to browse;  go to

  • Internet Explorer > Settings > Internet Options > Advanced.
  • scroll down to Security
  • Check "Use TLS 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2".  and UNcheck any SSL boxes.

Then retry syncing.


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Thanks Gazumped for the reply, I'd actually already been through that article, and checked everything/made the IE changes, but I just checked the IE changes again and it appeared I hadn't unchecked the SSL boxes,  - that now appears to have done the trick! You are a star! Thanks.

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Got a new phone and installed Evernote but had no success to sync with notes on my desktop pc.


Check on Evernote Web to make sure your notes have made it to the server.  Make sure you're logged into the same account on your Android.

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hi gazumped - i have tried every solution you have suggested on this particular topic. My android and macbook air can sync without a problem. when I installed evernote on my windows laptop, it cannot sync. tried unchecking ssl and checking the ones you suggested. tried restarting but still cannot see my notes. what it can see though is my notebooks. but when you click on those, theres no notes. I have tried checking on evernote.com and my notes are there. 


to isolate the problem further, I have tried installing evernote on my iMac and the same problem as above persists. For a free user like me, does it have limitation on the number of devices to be sync? I havent reached the upload limit though.


Thank you and hoping for your soonest reply.



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Hi Chester,  sorry for the delay getting back to you..  Difficult to know why your sync issue only affects the desktop clients - there's no limit on how many devices you can connect with for free users.  Can you check with the browser version of Evernote and confirm that you can at least see your notes via Evernote.com?


Does your connection run through some sort of firewall that would affect both Mac and Windows computers?

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