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Filtering Search rather than Alphabetical Search

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One of my daily workflows in Evernote is to dispatch into folders stuff that is inside my inbox folder.


So I regularly use the Folder pulldown and start typing something.


However, the search function in the pulldown is alphabetical rather than 'filtering'.


So as to constrain the list of folders from which to pick and choose, I always add two characters such as PS or WK in the folder names:










This way, when I search, if I type in PS, then the filtered list only shows folder names with the PS string in the name.


Any chance I can have this in the next beta ?




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There has been some mention (feature request) of being able to attach tags to notebooks... but a prefix works well. I think this works well for tags too. For example, I use a 3rd party app to get a lot of my ideas into Evernote (SnapEntry). I can set a default notebook and tag if I want. I just set the default notebook to "10 ideas every day"... and from there, depending on the category of idea, I can bring up the "i-tags" quickly (both within SnapEntry and Evernote) to select from:


  • iMisc (miscellaneous)
  • iProductivity
  • iMarketing
  • iNetworking
  • iDesign
  • iEbook
  • etc...

I will give it some thought as to how doing something similar with select notebooks might better my workflow. Perhaps temporarily for those I am working on currently, which may be scattered throughout different stacks. Thanks for the stimulation in that direction  :)

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