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Note editor doesn't load while indexing



since last update (few days ago ...) titles of notes desappear when opening, content seems to be ok (search function find it) but no display like an empty note !!! Please correct very soon (Mac OS) or back to previous version, we have a lot of work to do and no way with this update !


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Me too...Since the last update, my Notebooks are all in disarray.  I had a stack called "Clients" with subcategories for each client's name.  Now I have a million and one Notebooks called "Clients" and they are not even in alphabetical order.  I submitted a ticket on Friday and subsequent days, including today and I have not received a response..forget about using "chat"...no response either.  I am quite disappointing with the lack of customer service delivery i have received.


Are you working on a fix to fix this problem? What steps should I take to correct this mess?  A response of some kind is appreciated..

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In fact, this update is utterly unusable.


On OSX 10.9.5 it's taking literally minutes for any notes to complete loading (if at all) - not just from search. I can't edit a new note at all. The note is created but the editor is unavailable. 


How did this get out to production release ?

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