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(Archived) Specify import notebook?

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I love Evernote but am getting tied in knots with importing stuff :-(

I want webclipper to stick stuff in my WebPages notebook, ScanSnap into ScansToCheck etc etc etc and nowhere can I find a way of specifying which notebook they go into :(

They basically all seem to end up in the last notebook the app had open :(




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On the Windows client, clipped web pages and imported files will go into the currently-selected notebook, or they will go into your account's "default" notebook if you don't have any notebooks selected (e.g. if you've selected "all notebooks").


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Yes, the current system is more convenient if you just want to pick a notebook and then clip a bunch of notes ... you don't need to manually specify the destination of each note. We realize this isn't ideal for other use cases, so we're considering options.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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