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Moving scanned contacts to Mac Contacts app.

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I've just upgraded Evernote Mac to 6.0.1. Scanned a pile of business cards from a recent trade show visit using card scan on my iPhone and the contacts are now in my Mac as notes. All good. I've gone through a pile of the errors and fixed up what I could. Worked out that I still can't add any fields that didn't get picked up in the scan (seems like a pretty common feature request, but no one from Evernote seems to be able to offer any good reason why you can't do this) and thought, ok, I'll just edit the contact once I export it to my Contacts.app application. 


However, seems I can't do this. I searched support and couldn't find any answers there. A Google search comes up with a way to do this, one by one, using the iPhone app, but no explanation as to how this is done with a keyboard and mouse on the Mac app. I've got to be missing something here. I refuse to believe that any software developer would remove such a useful function, in fact the main reason I use Evernote, from a working application. 


So, if someone could simply tell me where this function is, I'd be happy to apologise for being so silly in not being able to find it in the application and be on my merry way, an on-going happy Evernote user. 





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So on the above note 26 Nov 2014 this feature was fixed.  Then later it is reported broken again:


Sync with Contacts
Started by KokonutFeb 20 2015 11:13 AM
JMichael posted: Posted 20 February 2015 - 11:30 AM

AFAIK, there is no way to export these EN scanned contacts into anything useful for external contact managers, like MacContacts, or Outlook Contacts.  There is no CSV export.


So if you want your business cards as contacts in Mac Contacts, you'll need to scan them again using software that does that directly, or as a CSV file.  Cardiris is one app that will do this.  A version of it is included with the ScanSnap scanners.



Has anybody written an article or documented Evernote's commitment to blocking this feature?  
It has definitely defeated my purpose for buying the iPhone and organizing my data around Evernote.  I understand, of course, that the Scannable app on the iPhone gives me a path to getting this into contacts.  It's just baffling that I find addresses while I'm on the laptop and I'm forced to find some other path.
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