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Help With To Do Lists

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Hi All,


I wanted to use Evernote for my daily To-Do and Tasks List but haven't found out how with Evernote.


I use the Mac App but want to review my To-Do's on iPad and iPhone apps.


I'm currently finding myself using the Things app but want to migrate in full to Evernote


Any advice or tips?





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Hi there,


Evernote leaves several ways to handle this, yet none is truly specified to be the most masterful todo-app. I fully changed to Evernote for my todo-lists after they introduced 'Reminders': it is not perfect, but surely good enough for me.


You can set a reminder for any note in your Evernote account by clicking on the 'clock' icon within a note on either the Mac, iPad or iPhone app. On the pop-over you can optionally add a date. Synchronise your Evernote-account and those reminders should pop-up on any device used by that Evernote-account.


Clock icon



Overview of all due reminders in your Evernote account



Reminders on iPad and iPhone cannot be opened from the homescreen: simply go to 'All Notes', and click the clock-icon in the bottom-bar to see all your notes that contain a reminder (with or without date). Right there, just like on the Mac app, you can sort your reminders either by notebook or by date.


Within each note, you can create check-marks (i.e. to split a project into smaller tasks) or bullet-lists to remind you what has to be done. If you want, you can even create a separate notebook for your todo-list specifically, use tags (todo / life plans / ideas / to write / ...) instead or do all of these things in combination: depending on how you want to use Evernote as a task list. From there, you can always find the right reminders for the right purpose you want to use them for, whether a reminder is set or not, with all the additional information within the note.

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Here's a decent way to use Reminders in a full-on task-management solution:


You'll see in that post, in addition to a setup strategy within Evernote, it's also possible to set reminders when creating tasks external to Evernote... i.e. Via web clippings, email, iOS notification center, 3rd party Evernote apps, etc. So, in essence, the workflow of setting a reminder for your tasks to appear in the Reminders List does not have to necessarily be a sorting option left for later. It can be set at the time of getting data into Evernote through the various on-ramps.

Another great option is 3rd-party to-do apps that integrate with Evernote. Especially since you are on iOS, I could recommend: Gneo, which is a heaven send for those who use the Eisenhower Matrix for prioritizing, amongst some other awesome features (which integrates perfectly with the note/ notebook/ tag structure that Evernote offers, within the Gneo Stack), Sunrise app, which works with your Evernote reminders... And Swipes, which harvests the individual checkbox items you have within notes. Those are but 3 noteworthy contenders.

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