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Bug: Drag an attachment (ie PDF) to title bar and it disappears

George G


In latest Mac version (6.0.1), if you are dragging a note attachment (such as a PDF file) and accidentally drop it in the title area of the note, the attachment disappears.  It cannot be restored, there is no Undo, it is not in the trash.  Completely gone.


Interestingly, while dragging it the mouse icon changes to a "plus" sign while hovering over the title, indicating something should happen.



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Same experience here on 6.0.2 on Mac.  Dragged the attachment and all of sudden it was gone.  Not in trash.  Opening a ticket in hopes that it can be found since it was something I scanned in and then shredded.


Edit: Updated to 6.0.3 and the behavior is the same.  (I backed up the attachment first this time so I wouldn't lose it!)

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