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[Mac v 6.0] Printing a note causes the note title to be erased



Title is disappearing when printing


Steps to reproduce

  1. While looking at a note, type Cmd-P or go to the File menu and select Print...
  2. Print dialog appears
  3. Either print or cancel
  4. Note's title has been cleared and is not blank

Expected results: note title remains untouched



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Honestly it's little things like this that shouldn't ever be a problem that needs to be fixed in the first place. 


If Evernote had actually done even a week of beta testing, this would have likely been nailed down and fixed at public launch. 

There are some seriously silly bugs in 6.0 and 6.0.1 that any company worth their weight in bits shouldn't have let out the door (and I'm not talking about the interface design). 

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First time poster here--recently (finally!) using Evernote as a second brain. Just posting to say I'm glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this (late 2008 MacBook). I don't have to be printing for titles to disappear. They seem to come and go at will in 6.0.1. Don't remember it happening in 6.0.

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I was only partially correct when I said '6.0.3' was working for me. To clarify, there are at least two problems with note titles:

  1. They get deleted unintentionally (note is OK, but the title goes away)
  2. They don't print. (still failing)

On 6.0.3, I haven't seen the disappearing note title for a while.  Did 6.0.3 resolve this problem?


However, I just tried to print a couple of notes and the title did not print! In fact, I get a nearly blank page from the web client and a 'good' print with a missing page title when printing from the EN Mac client. See the attached screen scrape of the web client printout.


EN, we have a problem . . .






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