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Add another account means what?

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I thought as a premium user I can have and switch between multiple accounts.  But when I click ADD ANOTHER ACCOUNT, it prompts me for a username and password.  I thought this is where I add another account, but it assumes I already have a second one.  I don't. How do I get one. Our do I have to pay for a second account before adding it?


In which case I do not need it.




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You are correct, it means to log in as a second user.

You don't need to pay for a second account, I have two myself. A Premium one and a Free (Testing) account.

If I remember correctly, only one of the accounts has to be Premium, to enable the option.

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The web version has been "improved" to download desktop software to your local machine.  It will be the latest version of whatever software is appropriate (Mac/ Windows etc) for the machine from which you are browsing.  There's no longer an option to choose between products.


Edit:  Actually if you follow the Create Account link in the website menu,  you get back to the whole product choice thing...  didn't even realise that was there...

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