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local hard drive vs web cloud

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i am new to evernote . i have spent much time trying to learn how to use EN . i have a question that i  have searched hrer for the answer but i still don't fully understand .here it is .

i use the EN app on my lenovo windows  computer and this syncs to my samsung phone and my office pc. my question is: is the data i have in evernote stored on my computers hard drive . 

here is the reason i ask .  i have this hobby (race car driving) in which we use a lot of video . so in a days time i can collect like 10gb of video data. after a while it exhausts my hard drive . i was trying to figure out how to move it off my hard drive but still have it available when i need it . i tried dropbox but i think it syncs everything to my computer so it doesnt help . google drive allows you to chose what you sync but it is cumbersome.  i started useing EN for its intended purpose (notes) but then i figured that maybe i can use it for the purpose of my video storage    do i have this all wrong??


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Yes, your EN data is stored on your computer's hard drive.  To be clear, you computer, office computer and samsung phone all sync to the EN service, not to each other.


You can store your videos in EN, but at 10GB a day you will quickly consume the even the premium upload limit of 4GB per month, plus you will still have them stored on your PC's drive..  You might consider investing in a TB or bigger USB drive for your mass storage and moving selected videos to EN if you want them on your phone.  FWIW..

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Evernote allows you to create local notebooks on desktop, which do not sync to the cloud. There is no reciprocity here - Evernote does not enable one to have notes/ notebooks that are only accessible/ stored on the cloud via the Web Client. Mobile devices are another story, but still, you need to make use your desktop client, I imagine. 


In light of collecting 10 GB of data in a single day...

  • Evernote premium only gives one an upload limit of 4GB/ month (Free accounts: 60 MB/ month). You could buy more though.
  • Your note size limit is 100 MB for Premium/ 25 MB for the Free accounts
  • You can attach video files to a note online, and interestingly, Evernote can play it back for you in a new tab within your browser... but keeping in mind your hard drive restrictions, this would only be an option for a PC where you didn't have the desktop client installed - because there is no way to have a note restricted to online storage. 
  • Evernote has no gallery for images/ videos, other than being able to flip through images in a single note in presentation mode. Presentation mode does not work on Web Beta as of yet, so I cannot tell you what that might look like for videos... but on the desktop, videos do not show thumbnail images... and so even in presentation mode you do not have a gallery of sorts. In that sense, Evernote is not the platform you're looking for when it comes to video browsing/ presentation - whether online or off. 
  • Dropbox, Google+/ Picasa (Google drive) display videos as you might want them. The free versions would fall far short of your space requirements though - and as you mentioned, Dropbox downloads everything to your desktop app. By the way, flickr gives you 1 TB of free storage... and you can upload a max file size of 1 GB... but you only get a max playback time of 3 minutes. You would have to then download videos longer than 3 minutes to see them in their entirety. Google Drive seems to be your best bet in that it allows you to choose what to sync - however, you say it's cumbersome. 

It looks like you're out of luck when it comes to Evernote being a good fit for your purposes. Even if you were to have a second premium account that you only accessed online (and did not connect to your desktop client), still, you would not be able to browse your video clips in a half decent way - unless you were to create thumbnail images for them for easy visual reference and pop them into a note (a little cumbersome). Gosh... come to think of it, not a bad workaround if you consider that you'd get 4 additional GBs of storage every month for just $5. Even so... you, personally, are looking at 100 notes of 100 MB each to house 10 GB of footage that you might possibly shoot in just one day... and then upload over 2-3 months.

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