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IE to Chrome

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When I first set up Evernote I was using Internet Explorer.  Now I am using Chrome.  Evernote still wants to use IE to sync my data and other things, and it gets annoyed when I have IE shut down.  I can't seem to find a setting to change that preference.  Or do I have to download another Evernote version?



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What do you mean when you say IE is 'shut down'?  Do you simply mean it's closed down?  Evernote shouldn't mind what browser you have active when it comes to syncing.  All it needs are the Windows connection settings - which happen to be the same as IE's connection settings - so it can send and receive data.

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Part of why I quit using IE is that every time I opened it,  it would lock up and cause me grief.  So, Evernote keeps trying to open it, it locks up, then Evernote says, "so sorry, sync failed".


I found another thread though that fixed it.  I did not have Chrome set as my default browser.  Apparently I was just opening Chrome manually when I wanted.  Evernote will use whatever your "default browser" setting is.  Once I changed the setting from within Chrome, Evernote was happy again. 


Thanks though!

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