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Can I revert back to the old version?



I signed in today and it asked me if I wanted to update Evernote to the new version. Unfortunately they got rid of the tiny bit of color left in the application and now it's very dry and plain, there is hardly any difference in color between background and different words and subjects in the interface.   I don't know why they tried to strip everything down but it's not user friendly to me and I would like to change it back.  

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I am using a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion (10.8.5) and I let the App Store do the latest Evernote update. Unfortunately it left me unable to see my notes in the notebooks. It also kept creating new Untitled notes when I double clicked on a note I wanted to read. If I left the courser on the untitled note it would eventually show me what was in my note but not for long. It would then disappear when I tried to retrieve it. 


I have been having a similar issue with the update of iTunes 12 and had to do an uninstall of it to return to iTunes 11.4 to get functionality back for my iPad 2. I got the Evernote install from the Evernote website which appeared to be an earlier version than the one on the App Store and it installed over the newer Evernote version. It looks to have worked in that I now have all of my notes back. I can read them, edit them, create new ones and delete without issues.


Wheww, close call. I am very dependent on my Evernote for tech workarounds and small details on my job that get lost in paper notebooks.

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