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How do I revert to Version 5.7.2? Color scheme in v.6 makes it unusable to me



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I want to revert back to my previous version as well. I HATE this 'all grey, washed out, can't see, trying to be cool" interface. It's awful. Hey Evernote....give everyone a choice to keep the classic look or the update (if you can call it that) look.....


Please someone out there...."how do I revert to the previous version?"

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It can be risky to downgrade ro a previous version of Evernote even if an update has introduced features you don't like.

Updates include bug fixes as well as occasionaly redesigns - you're willingly going back to a (theoretically) less stable version of the product.

The compatibility of online and local desktop databases may also be a problem - at least one update has involved a conversion and restructure of the database which would be difficult to roll back without re-downloading the whole database from the server.  And that would not recreate any local notebooks or unsynced notes that may have been present on the device originally.

If you did wish to roll back an installation to a previous level however, these would be the steps to take.


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Evernote for Mac 5.6.2 release notes here - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/71520-evernote-for-mac-562-released/

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