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Reinstalling Evernote 6.0.1 Deleted All My Shortcuts

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More regrets.


So in an effort to mitigate all the other big problems in Evernote 6, I deleted the App Store version (and let Hazel clean up all the app's files) and installed from download.


When I did, it told me I had the ScanSnap edition (I don't have an Evernote ScanSnap), and insisted that I choose my destination folders for scans. No way to cancel out of it.


And when I got to the main window, those folders were my only shortcuts.


I figured I'd wait for the sync to finish, and see what it looked like.




All my shortcuts are gone.


And they're removed from my other devices, too.


I'm really upset and disappointed. New product releases should be fun, exciting things with new features.


Not hours on hours of fixing my data and making bug reports.

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Hi.  If you log into Evernote.com via a browser you'll hopefully find that all your notes are alive and well and waiting to sync with your Mac.  I'd suggest uninstalling the current version and reinstalling the latest one from Evernote.com which should reconnect everything back to normal.

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I logged in from my Mac Mini after sometime - and I had also upgraded to the new version - first the Shortcuts disappeared from the Mac Mini and NOW when I logged into my Mac Book Pro - I lost them from there too!!!!!!!!!!

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