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To-do checkboxes automatically added



Mac OS 10.9.5.

Evernote 6.0.1


If there is a to-do checkbox anywhere on a line, hitting the return key to go to a new line automatically places a checkbox at the beginning of that new line. This may be a bug or an intended feature, but is there a way to turn it off?

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Mac OS 10.9.5.

Evernote 6.0.1


If there is a to-do checkbox anywhere on a line, hitting the return key to go to a new line automatically places a checkbox at the beginning of that new line. This may be a bug or an intended feature, but is there a way to turn it off?




Good Day! I hope all are having an Amazing day.


I'm using a Samsung Chromebook. I just installed Evernote. I created a checklist easily. But now I can't turn OFF the Checkbox feature.


Does anybody Know How To Turn Off the Checkbox feature in Evernote Free Version?


Here is the "Help" I recieved thus far...


...and I did Search the Forum (this is my first post) before entering this post, just so you know my research is Not lazy.

I am Amazed that their "Help" doesn't go further on to address that feature... and it better be there... or I'll Nuke the whole program... there are other User Considerate applications out there, Including but Not Limited to Google Keep.


Then fact that I have to take the time to write this post, makes me somewhat anxious to Nuke Evernote from my Chromebook anyway. But I'm retired/disabled, I have the time, and I like to write.


Please don't tell me there's No Way to turn OFF the Checkbox feature... because that would definitely cause a complete Ban of Evernote from my computer, along with a lot of laughing pointed at the Programmers involved with Creating Evernote... I think, if the feature is Unavailable, I'll also have a New Name for EverNote, for it'll be too easy to create, and post right here, before I end my association with this post, and Evernote, and then, last but not least, I'll go back to using the Simple, Happy, Fun, Low-Resource-Using, application that comes packaged with the Apps on my Awesome Chromebook (doe anybody have one of these?!?!, who needs "Windows-Shut-Down-Reboot&Pray-Vista")... Google Keep... that fun little app made me laugh... I played with the different features of it, and now my First Note, has a sharp red theme, with a great photo of and old Keith Richards, bending down Rocker Style, on stage, Shredding his Signature Telecaster... I'm 53, I wish to Hell I could Bend & Rock like That! Jeeze! The Stones... Living Legends, and for Good Reason!


Okay, I Know... I'm Chatty... it's a birth defect...


Please, Any & All Help will be Greatly Appreciated.


Enjoy! Have Fun with Your EverMoment! Be Kind!


John / Owego, NY


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Now I can Delete them like crazy!!! I just BACKSPACE with the Cursor in Front of the Check-box, or ALT-BACKSPACE (Delete) with the Cursor Behind the Check-box. Selecting the Check-box and Deleting works as well...


I swear that didn't work before! I could NOT do this simple exercise and get rid of them. I know how to Delete & Backspace. In fact, I'm an Ol' Timey Computer Tech from Many years ago... I cut my keyboard teeth on DOS 2.1 & Up, and Windows Pre-3.0, and Up... 8086/8088/80286 & Up... I was the Assistant Manager and Senior Tech for Theee Biggest & Best Computer Manufacturer and Service Center in Wiinter Park, Florida... I did a regular weekly Computer Technology skit for Channel 2, Channel 65, AM Radio WDBO, All My Customers, The Mayor of Orlando, His Staff, And his Family, and some of his friends, All My Customers, A Senator and His Family from Tallahassee, The Winter Park Plice, Southland Corp. Region Whatevern (7-11), All My Customers, Consumer Credit when they were first started and growing enormously and so Fast, every week ordering a batch of computers... Everybody who was anybody, My Customers......... I built computers that ran machines, I created custom menu systems for everything, I even built a special system for a school for multiple blind people could use, it even had a braile printer, cool as snot, In made menus for PC's and Macs, in a college computer Lab... for All sorts of Users to use ONE Menu, across the board, an incredible feat, I programmed in Batch Dos like you wouldn't believe, I programmed in Cobal, Basic... I worked on Netware, Lantastic, other proprietary network systems, Networked multiple various networks into one... and on, and on, and on...


...i known how to delete things in a document or whatever in an application, on a computer... trust me...


Sherpaaaaa discovered as I did, a querky little bug in the code, that under the right circumstances, annoys people with unremoveable non-stop checkboxes. I totally have seen junk code like that before, in the career I sadly through away in '98 due a touch of insanity caused by all the pressure from the job... I left that job because, 24-7 wasn't enough time to satisfy all of the crazy users who all wanted my attentiion First... One day, one of my popular, once friendly customer's, got drooling, red faced angry about having to wait, due the business of the shop, that he called me out, to kick my ass, out in the street, and cursed me for being from Brooklyn... that was it for me... wrote a resignation letter and never looked back... Anyway, enough of all that... Working on Lawn & Garden Tractors, and Viintage Power Equipment going back to the 1800's was a Lot More Fun!!! Amazing what a few Meds can do! Wooohaaaaa!!!


Enjoy The Awesome Evernote... 


johnny V, "Hep Cat" guitar


PS. These slim little Samsung Chromebooks are the snappiest, easiest to use, little notebooks... ctrl-alt-/  brings up ALL your keyboard shortcuts... Every day I learn more and more cool things about it to make it more productive and Fun to use. I just got it from my brother as a gift a few days ago. Out of the box, turned it on, and in about a minute, I was connected wireless to my router and playing on the internet, Ebay, my favorite place... I know also that it doesn't cost much, not sure how much, but I've heard it's not a lot... Add-Ons and Extensions up the Wazoo... I can easily see how one could ditch windows and get on with life peacefully... Later! JVB.



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