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Note titles changing to Untitled when I double click




I'm running Evernote 6.0 business version on my Macbook Pro with Yosemite.  When double clicking a note in Evernote on my Mac, the title changes to Untitled!  The same things happens on my iPad and I'm running Evernote with IOS 8.1.1.  Is this a bug?  If so, how do I report it?  Or, is there a fix?  I'm closing out of Evernote before I lose everything!





Update - actually, I learned EN deleted some notes, so perhaps my problem was really related to another thread posted on this forum.  In any event, I restored those notes, shut down EN, and all is well again -- at least for now.  You might look in your trash folder.

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Sorry people are running into this. It doesn't happen for everyone even though it sounds like it does in the forums.  6.0.1 and above does appear to fix it but we we'd like to know if some are still seeing the issue.  We've created a forum post to direct all discussion to one place so it's easier to track and find so please start using it instead of this thread.  I'm locking this thread so we can focus users to this new thread.  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78421-evernote-for-mac-6-mac-app-store-version-notes-not-loading-untitled-note-or-slowness-issues/

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That is a known bug in V6.0. You can either wait for V6.0.1 which should reach the App Store soon or install V6.0.2 from Evernote.com directly. If you decide to do the latter, first backup your data (Enex export and possibly Time Machine) and then follow these recommendations: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/77444-how-to-completely-remove-and-reinstall-en-mac/.

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Same problem here on my Macbook Pro.  Just started about 15 minutes ago.  I can see note contents in sidebar but when I open the note I don't see the contents at all, nor the note title.  Then, when I close the note, Evernote changes the title to "Untitled".  Now I'm afraid to use Evernote at all until this is fixed.  

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Hi all,


Founder of Revert here, we offer a free daily backup service Evernote (and a selection of other apps).


The update didn't cause me any trouble but my co-founder, Nicole wasn't so lucky. Fortunately she had a daily backup of her notebooks on Revert so was able to remedy the situation within a few minutes. If you'd like to find out more you can read her story on our blog https://revert.io/blog/how-i-fixed-my-evernote-with-revert/.


Hope this helps.




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Same problem on my iMac 2009 with current Mavericks. 


I managed to turn off wi-fi on my two iPads and saved the notes that way. But sync is very fast, so the titles were gone "Untitled". And I can keep one of the iPads off line., thank God.

But this is clearly a disaster. - The error spread from my iMac to the Web version to my IOS devices. How can stuff like this happen? Have Evernote stopped testing their software and installation processes?


I can never trust an update from Evernote anymore. So I will have to find some other product which do not corrupt my data so completely. 


The deletion of my title data makes the app unusable. Because the title is where i place the keywords i want to use to find my data later!

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I'm having the same issue with Evernote 6.0 and OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. Each time I click on a note the note name changes to 'Untitled' and the contents of the note disappear.


It's syncing to my iOS devices which then show the note names as 'Untitled' but the contents of the notes are still there. I've renamed the note titles on my iOS devices and closed the Mac client so nothing further gets messed up. The iOS devices seems to be working properly so I'll just use those for now.


I've submitted a support ticket.

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It looks like a more general issue with the note editor throwing exceptions; the consequence is that existing notes are effectively read-only, it's impossible to add content to new notes and equally impossible to change the title of new notes from "Untitled".  Looks like the desktop client is useless at the moment.  I *may* have filed a bug report -- the support ticket paged dithered out for a while and eventually came back, but there was no positive indication of any sort that a ticket was, you know, actually opened.

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