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ios Feature Request or Bug? - sending photos to EN with the iOS share extensions does not include gps data


i often take photos that i would rather save in EN rathen than in the iphone's camera roll.


in the past, when i want to put several photos into the same note, i have always emailed the first photo into EN so that the gps metadata gets parsed into the note. then i wait a bit for the email to get transfered and processed and then open the note in the ios client and add the rest of the photos.


the new share extension in ios 8 is very useful because it lets me add a bunch of photos to a single note in just one go, however, when i do the gps data from the photo is not incorporated into the note. the gps data for the note is blank in that case.


not sure if this is an oversight (as in a bug) or if it should be a feature request, but either way, i imagine everyone sending photos into EN from the camera roll via the extension would want the location of the phot to also be recorded into EN.

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