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Worst update Ever


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Whoever created the new Penultimate upgdrade for iPad should go back to product marketing school

What customer research was carried out?

1) Why change from a per sheet view of the world to what is in effect a toilet roll view?

2) Why drop the multi-page view and ability to duplicate pages?

3) Why make it more clicks to change from drawing to erasing?

4) Why drop the complete page erase option?

5) Why drop the display of the names of each book?

This is by far the worst update that I have seen in a long while, and with IOS their seems to be no way to go back to older releases

This has basically turned Penultimate into something barely useable for me

Not cool guys!

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Notability, Notesuite, Noteshelf and Goodnotes have various strengths and weaknesses.  My favorite for overall usability is Notability.   ALL are VASTLY superior to Penultimate (old version) and INFINITELY superior to the new version.  Notability also now has a Mac version.  Notability and Notesuite also have superior sound recording and text editing capabilities.  When I am taking live notes, I do it electronically in Notability with an iPad and then transfer in .pdf format to Evernote when I'm done editing.  


If Evernote simply partnered with one or several of these companies to integrate their software with Evernote, users would be infinitely better off than they are today.  Evernote has clearly demonstrated a lack of core competency in integrating handwriting and drawing (not to mention quality control and product management)  How they could have unleashed this *****-wear to a committed user base?  This should be a wake up call that focus on customers is getting lost in the enthusiasm to "change the world."  

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