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shortcuts to quicken note writing in evernote mobile ?



** I didnt find a specific forum for the mobile version so I placed my suggestion here. sorry if the post is mis-placed. **



This is what I need to do in Evernote on my android mobile to record the text of an idea :


Evernote icon : 1 tap

Pin code : 4 taps

“+” icon : 1 tap

“text note” icon : 1 tap

<typing text of the note>

Going go field “note title”  1 tap

<typing the text of the title>

“I” icon : 1 tap

Select “add tag” : 1 tap

<typing 2 first letters of the word “idée”> + 1 tap to validate

Quit tag input screen : 1 tap

Back to note screen : 1 tap

Save note icon : 1 tap

Quit Evernote : 1 tap


This is a bit tedious on a smartphone when you are in a rush to store an idea before loosing it...


Could we imagine to have some personalizable shortcuts where for example the type of the note (exemple: text), the tag (exemple :“idea”) would be chosen  by default ?


Additionally it would be nice if by default the first line of the note would be copied as title, as in the PC version.



Thanks !


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