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Evernote 6.0 Feature Creep is making the UI harder to use

Alex Liu


I love Evernote. I think the "slick new look" of Evernote 6 is great. But I've grown concerned about the usability of the product.


I noticed that with each Evernote release comes new things to click. Each new thing makes things more crowded. It's finally gotten to the point where it's seriously affecting the usability of Evernote.


Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about:



Why are things that I never use (and frankly, the great majority of the users) taking up valuable screen real estate and hiding the features that I think are important?


This can be easily fixed by adding the option to customize the generate and note editor toolbars. I'm sure I'm not the first to propose this, but it's been bearable until now... I can't even see the search bar without expanding the note window to cover up everything.


Is an option to customize these things in the pipeline?

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I couldn't agree less about the feature creep, because I think Evernote lacks a lot of features that I would really like to see. Now, if you had said that you want more features that would help your workflow, and you want to be able to customize your interface to fit your use case, then I'd be in complete agreement! Here are some of the things I've asked for over the years:


(1) Encryption by notebook

(2) Selective sync

(3) Hazel-like functionality that enables us to automatically tag, rename, search and replace, etc. throughout the app.

(4) Markdown support

(5) Larger note sizes

(6) Show invisibles so that I can see spacing

(7) A ruler

(6) Information density: word counts, URL, sync status, database size, etc. And, all of this able to be seen at a glance instead of having to open the popover for every single note. 


These are all things that excite me, but they have nothing to do with collaboration, because this is my external brain, and I don't want other people inside my head. Of course, this is quite different than Evernote's current emphasis on the collaborative workplace, so I don't expect any of this to be implemented. 

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I agree with all of your points, OP. Just now, I had to remove the annoying Work Chat "feature" from the side bar where it was stealing valuable space from my favorites and notebooks via a huge button.


Also, I am unable to hide this:




I don't plan to ever use Work Chat but an option to remove this huge thing? Haha, of course not!



Evernote, I love you, but please stop shoving "features" down our throats with no option to disable/hide them.

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