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Purchase of Evernote Premium from Android, Apple Store , Windows

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Dear Evernote,


I use evernote on Ipad , Android Phone and Windows also.

Can I just buy it once and use the same on all Platforms ? OR Do  I need to pay to Apple to download it from Apple Store and then again PAY Android to use it on Android Platform and then pay Evernote again to use it on my Desktop ?


Please advise so that I can take a proper decision to buy ever note .




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You can download a free version on all your devices at any time.  Set up an account on one device,  then log into that account on all devices to link them together via the Evernote servers.  If you elect to upgrade to Premium you need to do so only once,  on one device,  and preferably direct with Evernote.  (If you pay through the Apple Store it takes a few days for the payment to register.)  The account which connects all your devices will then upgrade to Premium status with its higher limits and additional features.

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