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Feature request: setting to render (or not) PDFs in notes



(this is the first time i post on this forum and i hope i am in the right place and following etticate)


feature request for the mac and windows clients:


mostly when i drop a pdf into evernote is so that i can easily see it there on the non-mobile client. but, once in a while, i want to create a note that is a collection of documents with some summary notes for each one.


this is easy to do for things like excel and word that evernote does not render inside a note (because they are just a small rectangle on the note) but its not possible to do for PDFs. it would be useful if there was a switch (per note or per item) to decide if the contents of the embedded file should be rendered

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By "rendered" I assume you mean "display inline".


If so, you have two ways to control this:

  1. Set the default display in Evernote > Preferences
  2. Right-click on the PDF in the Note, and select:
    • View Inline
    • View as attachment
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