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Cursor modifiers interaction with checkboxes

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Hi all,


There's a little thing that often frustrates me in Evernote. I want to see if others expect the same behaviour as me.


When I press option + left, option + right, or option + backspace, I expect any program to modify the cursor so that instead of moving or deleting one character, it performs the operation for one word. The equivalent to this in Windows is ctrl + {operation}.


My problem is the way that Evernote cursor interacts with the checkbox. If you perform option + left on the first word of a paragraph, it correctly places the cursor at the start of the line. However, if there is a checkbox at the start of the line, the cursor will skip the start of the line, and go to the first whitespace. A checkbox is represented here by '[]'


this test

is a good test


[] this test

[] is a good test


  1. Place cursor after 'is'
  2. Press option + left

Cursor should now be located before 'is'. 


In paragraph content, this is the case, but with the checkbox it skips to before 'test'.


Bizarrely, it appears to continue until whitespace is found.



[] this test
[] is a good monkey
[] oneword
[] word
[] word
[] another test 


Pressing option + left after 'another' will take the cursor all the way to before 'monkey'.


Am I alone in thinking this?

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