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If I empty Trash having 330 notes, will Evernote load faster?


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I've installed Evernote twice in a 5 months period, and now I have 330 notes in the Trash.

Evernote takes a lot to load in my Windows 7 Ultimate the first time I open it. But after that it's ok.

I don't know why that happens, but I was wondering if I delete all those notes in the Trash, is it likely Evernote to load faster, or improve performance in general? Thanks in advance.

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I don't see any logical reason why Evernote would load faster if you deleted the Trash Notes.


They are in a database, and probably are not referenced until you click on the Trash Notebook.


Having said that, I really don't know since I'm not an Evernote developer.


The easy solution is to export to ENEX the Notes in your Trash NB (just in case you should ever need them), empty/permanently delete these notes, and see if you startup performance improves.




I have an Evernote account with 11K+ notes, and it starts up very fast.

I think your 330 Notes in Trash are irrelevant.

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May not work for you, but I noticed after a recent PC reboot that the EN load time went back to instantaneous.  May have been something else, but maybe worth a try.

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