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As no one said it, I'll say it: I love the new look



I've updated Evernote for Mac and got the new Yosemite-style look, and I like it. It's simple and elegant.


And yes it seems too bright and weird but it's just because you are too used to the old darker style. So do you guys remember when first seeing iOS 7 or Yosemite what were you thinking? I was thinking hell no I'll never update to this. But finally I updated and after using it for awhile I got used to it and really like it a lot. And then when I look back at the old style I found out I really couldn't go back.


The point is, we should trust Apple's aesthetic and accept the revolution. Changing maybe painful, but the outcome could be good.


And I think the Evernote design team used the Yosemite blur well and carefully, at least I haven't found any readability problem yet. The note list is lowly transparent and the note is solid white which is exactly the typical Yosemite design. Great job.


The new penultimate is a disaster I agree, but not about the appearance, it's about the new user interface design. So as for the new EN on Mac, maybe you should just be a littler more patient and used it for one more day before complaint, see what happens.

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