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6.0.1 color theme on mac



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What on earth have you done!


WHY CHANGING a color scheme that worked for such an awful blinding light background. What kind of developers you have in your team?


I am going back to previous version. There is no way, not in a hundred years that  I will ever be able to use your new light color theme on a my Mac.


And, since I am, not able to reinstalled the old version, I will start immediately looking for alternative to Evernote.




What a way to upset my weekend!




If you want to go all the way back before this last big complete rewrite (5.6, 5.7, 6) of Evernote to Ver 5.5.2, see these instructions by Evernote employee Jackolicious:

See:  https://discussion.e...e-4#entry304615


Thank you! I already managed to restore my old version. Luckily, I had in a folder the .dmg file for the older version.

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I would like to reiterate the previous commenters' concerns!  This White White White is so very difficult to use!  Had I known I was going to lose the nice blacks and greens of the previous version I NEVER would have upgraded.  And why not give the users the choice to use the older interface colors?  


This is a very unappealing update.  For the next update, provide users the choice, PLEASE!!!

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I am a big fan of evernote and a premium user for years now.

But honestly - the new theme destroys fluent workflow. It's hard to spot, where one thing begins and the other ends.


Don't go with the Yosemite style. Please give us some contrast back.

Or skins. Or at least an option for the old design!


Thanks a lot, 


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If anyone has a decent monitor, sharp and bright, the new Evernote will burn a hole in your retinas.  It's ridiculous.  Try using this on a large iMac at night and you'll get complaints from the neighbors who are trying to sleep.

We've come such a long way since the '80s getting our monitors to perform millions of colors and levels of shades, etc. only to now have goofy designers at Evernote to take us back to 2 bit color and no ability to customize it.  I have 6 computers at my office and home running Evernote and I won't update any of the others because nobody wants to work on the hostile surface of the sun.


If you work with Adobe products most of your work day which have a subtle grey interface that can be adjusted (leaving mostly your work area the central focus - smart),  try switching back and forth from Photoshop or After Effects to Evernote and prepare for the "Evernote Flash Bang" typically reserved to stunning bad guys on drug raids.  All that's missing is a deafening noise every time you switch to Evernote and your momentary sensory impairment experience will be complete.


Going back to the previous interface color would be a start, but if you feel you must update something (that wasn't broken) purely for the sake of something to do, then give us customization which should be a piece of cake.  Stop guessing because you've just guessed wrong.  Plus, people work in lots of different environments, times of day, systems, and personal preferences so just add the ability to customize the Notebooks column, the notes column and the notes window separately.

Until then...  I wear my sunglasses at night.

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Hi guys.


Can someone who dislikes the new look reply to this post...


I can get its too white... They could of blended the feel a bit more... I mean a bit more contrast, similar to mail, and the apple apps... i'm not arguing that...


However is this a generic Yosemite disapproval? Or just prevalent to Evernote?

I mean Evernote is now just like most apple apps....  Do you guys also have a problem with apple's new look and feel?


Personally I love it.


thank you

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I wholeheartedly agree that the new colour scheme is dreadful.  Until some reasonable contrast is restored, I will not be recommending Evernote again, and as of now, I'm looking for an alternative. This is ridiculous.  Please Evernote, sort this quickly!

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I'm a little surprised to see the lack of different themes. I suppose it does take a lot of work to design a new theme/skin and understand that Evernote has to develop for numerous different devices and form factors. However, so many apps have different color themes that I don't think that this is such a stretch. The Amazon Kindle app, Reeder, and many others have different color themes. Even Winamp had different themes. The counter argument I see is that only a small fraction of users have difficulty with grey on white or other bright, low contrast displays. However even Apple eventually added accessibility features to iOS to allow bolding of text, darkening of colors, and changing of white balance given the initial eye strain and visibility issues that were described in response to iOS7. 

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I'm another one who pretty much only posted on the forums to mention how hideous the new UI is. Considering that I *always* upgrade my software packages on all my devices (iMac, Air, iPad, iPhone), and once I saw how blah the new UI was on my iMac I declined the upgrade on my Air, says something. Please make the colors what they were before, at least put in a preference.


And I'm one of those paying for Evernote too as a Premium user, so it's not like I'm getting it for free, either.

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Anyway to downgrade back to the older version?


No way to skin.

Downgrade by finding an archived version of 5.7.2 on the 'net, or restoring from a hard drive backup (you have one right?)


I'd love to downgrade! But will that work since the new version "migrated" our notes? Will they migrate back? I don't want to make a crappy situation even worse.

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I am also a first time poster. Evernote is my favorite (non-audio/music related) piece of software and have been promoting it to everyone I know. This is the only time I feel compelled to complain about an update and I'm saddened to have to do so. I used to prefer to work on Evernote on my MacBook instead of my PC because of how much better the Mac version looked compared to the uncolored Windows design. I like minimalistic styles but a little bit of color is actually good for the eyes, brain and mood. This design looks flat, uninteresting, boring. Not only it is all white and grey, there's not even enough contrast. Why "fix" something that didn't need fixing? At least give us the option of themes (like with Clearly), so we can choose the one that is more suitable for us.

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OneNote has a dark mode and seems to actually have color schemes that dont make my eyes bleed after 15 minutes. Evernote is still the better note taking app, but the colors are just unusable for long periods of time. Until this changes, I'll be switching to OneNote. 

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I agree with the majority of comments here. The new color scheme is bloody awful. Where has the style gone Evernote devs and designers? Are you tying to make our experience with your tool a boring & dull, high contrast misery? If so you've done a great job.  I want the old version back and spend your time sorting this out before you add any more features that I don't need.

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Been using EverNote for years now.  Back a couple, or three years ago suggested EN program have an option for changing the background colors of any note; told that was "in the works".  Here we are, years later and the coloring scheme has actually gone from bad to worse.  More light on light colors; no ability whatsoever of altering the background color.; slavish adherence to the new and "cool" color schemes of Apple rather than what is ergonomic for working on a computer screen -- black on white paper is fine -- that's reflected light; black text on a white screen is NOT fine -- the monitor is shining direct light into your eyes; just ask any knowledgeable opthamologist.  Add to that that monitors have actually become brighter over the years.

Even "WordPerfect" back more than ten or fiteen years ago, on CRTs no less, realized that working on a bright monitor is not conducive to computer ergonomics and they provided a working screen of white text on a dark blue background -- what a joy to use!


The present situation with EverNote is rather disheartening.  At this point, I'm interpreting their position as one of marketing arrogance; as with many companies that become successful, their marketing people assume dominance over the company direction.  They've determined that selling EN is more important than options for ergonomics.  Certainly, offering the client the OPTION of changing the background color is not a technical Mount Everest for them to climb; however, it's obvious they'd rather spend the time and money on advertising and pretend they're "cool".  Look, I'm not saying you have to get rid of this light on light on white scheme -- but for god's sake offer us options!!  Honestly, if any of you who do any significant amount of work on a monitor screen have ever tried light text on a dark background, you'll discover the joy of not having to constantly squint.  Most of us don't even realize we're doing it.

Yes, I do realize that there are some people who have no problem typing black text on white screens; I'm OK with that.


Personally, I'm letting my EN subscription expire until their arrogance gets a wake-up call.

-- My two cents in a world where pennies don't count.

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