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Evernote (for Mac OS X) Grid lost all color on latest update Nov 20 2014



Prior to my Evernote update today on my Mac OS X, my notebook grid display was the same on all devices (Windows, IOS & Mac) with a brown wood-like color for notebooks on a beige background.  Evernote updated today.  My notebook grid now has slightly darkened grey over light grey.  All color is washed out.  What happened?  Visually, it's a step backwards.  Does anyone know of a way to correct/select/adjust?


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New color scheme is beyond bland. No contrast and is difficult to see. There must be a better way to get the "clean" look so prized by Apple without everything being GREY. 

I use Evernote but I will be finding other tools to use instead until this is fixed.

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Agreed, the washout minimalist look works for the menu bar on safari because the webpage - that is the content the app exists for - has control over its look and can introduce colour.


The new look sucks. Changes like this need to be added as an option.

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I am an evernote evangelist! I've been singing evernote's praises and telling everyone I know about evernote for 3 years. My entire LIFE is in evernote. Work, home, family, lists, everything.... I also have the triangle laptop bag and look for any reason to tell someone how efficient and clever it is. Please, please bring back some style options for the interface. I just updated to the latest version that launched in Nov 2014, and the washed out white interface with no contrast is disappointing and really difficult to read. I'm 33, but yet I'm squinting like crazy to read content in this new interface. The grey framing and contrasts in the previous version were so wonderful. I know this sounds crazy, but its make a big difference in the user experience.

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I really hope that the look and feel of Evernote for Mac will be improved or restored. I updated Evernote today and my colours are as described by other users gone. It's all white. Very disappointing look and feel and personally I find it not handy at all. Please Evernote improve it in a way that more colour schemes are available and/or that you can add colours individually to notebooks, etc.

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Please Evernote design team... bring back some contrast on the mac interface !


With this new design, i've got the feeling that every piece of info is at the same level.

Using Evernote since 2009, i obviously know where everything is in the interface but...

when managing my projects or working with clients, it feels like a large crowded mess !


Contrast and hierarchy, please !!!

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