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ios iOS widget - recently viewed notes

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A couple days ago I turned on the notification-center widget in my iOS 8 for evernote. I really like the shortcuts to add new notes. 

But today I realized, that you added also a section "recently viewed notes" in the widget. I'm really not interested in that part, so is there a way to deactivate this section? For me it is just a waste of space in my notification center.

So please help me deactivate this section or make the user choose if he needs it or not.

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Just found it:

Open evernote app on iOS, go to settings > general and uncheck "Recent Notes in Today"...


Now I'm happy again  ;)

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Thanks, this works. But what I really need is a way to edit: e.g., I have a recipe that I would like to retain, but 2 two month-old notes to a prior girlfriend that I would like to remove and that show nowhere else in Evernote except the iOS notification screen. (This seems to me an Evernote bug; that a note would be deleted but still appear in the iOS notification screen.)

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